A Place Where All Children Can Play & Learn

Family Owned & Operated Since 2006

Our story begins with Maribel Rodriguez, our Owner and President. Her journey from the Dominican Republic to Reading, PA, instilled in her a deep love for early childhood education, leading to the foundation of our center. Our General Manager, Steven Lara, brings his business expertise and passion for ECE to ensure our mission of raising the future is fulfilled.

Guided by Passion and Experience

Our History and Leadership

In 2006, Maribel Rodriguez opened her first location in a big white house at 445 W. Oley St. in Reading and named it White House Day Care LLC. That was a group child care center licensed to serve 12 children. In 2012, she thought about expanding. After an unsuccessful partnership with another childcare owner, she began working with Connor Affiliates in Reading. They assisted the business with financial resources and a location for a second center. The location became the White House Day Care 2 INC, 726 Washington St. It opened in 2013 with a capacity of 69 children and quickly achieved STAR 2 in Pennsylvania’s Keystone STARS Quality Initiative Program.

The business continued to expand. In 2016, with the assistance of Connor Affiliates, Maribel purchased another location. This one is at 336 S. 18th St. in Reading. In 2019, She was able to relocate White House LLC (first location), change it to a center status, and expand the capacity to serve 119 children. At that time, Steven Lara, Maribel’s son, became the full-time General Manager.

The White House Day Care Inc.
Since then, White House Day Care Inc. has implemented several strategies to improve the quality of their centers, such as recognizing the importance of quality staff by raising wages to a $15/hour minimum, establishing pay raises based on employment length, education level, and performance, and utilizing the services of the Early Education component of United Way of Berks County. The centers, particularly White House Day Care 2 INC, worked closely with their Quality Coach at ELRC 13. The staff, headed by Director Esther Gonzalez, completed all the requirements to attain STAR 3 on May 1, 2023, and then on June 23, 2023 they achieved STAR 4, the highest rating in the Pennsylvania Keystone STARS Quality Initiative Program.
Our Staff

Dedicated Team Nurturing Our Future

At White House Day Care Center, our dedicated team of professionals makes all the difference. Each staff member brings their unique experiences and a shared passion for creating a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment for children. Meet the individuals nurturing and inspiring our students every day.

Maribel Rodriguez – Owner/President
Maribel Rodriguez moved to the Bronx in 1984. Her passion for Early Childhood Education grew with the birth of her children. After moving to Reading, PA, she established a successful childcare center in 2006.

Steven Lara – General Manager
He graduated with honors in International Business in 2017. Joined family’s Early Childhood Education business in 2019. Earned Director’s Credential in ECE in 2022 and enjoys nurturing the future growth.
Esther Gonzalez – Director, 726 Washington St
Esther is an experienced teacher from Puerto Rico with a Master’s degree in English as a Second Language and a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. She teaches and manages a daycare, prioritizing safety and health.
Luz Santiago – Director, 336 S 18th Street
Luz Santiago is an experienced early childhood educator. She worked in the school district before moving to daycare. She became Director of the White House in 2022. As a mom of five, she loves taking her kids on adventures.
Denise Luciano – Assistant Director, 726 Washington St
Denise started as a parent at the White House in 2015. Now, she’s the Assistant Director, pursuing an associate degree in ECE after earning her CDA last year. She’s a great role model for students.
Ascelin Nunez – Teacher, Young Toddler Classroom
Miss Ascelin has been with the White House Day Care since 2019. She wants to be a pediatrician and takes ECE classes at RACC to earn her CDA. She enjoys the camaraderie at the White House.

Ivanna Gonzalez – Teacher, Infant Room
Miss Ivanna has a Psychology Degree from la Universidad Nacional Evangelica in the Dominican Republic. She joined the White House Day Care in June and is passionate about working with children.

Carmen Berrios – Lead Teacher, Preschool Room
Miss Carmen has been in the daycare industry since 2008. She moved to Reading in 2014, joined the White House in 2015, earned her CDA in 2018, and is now working towards an Associate’s degree. She loves working with children.
Georgia Cintron – Teacher, Toddler Room
Miss Georgia, a highly experienced teacher from Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education, joined the White House in 2021. She is delighted to nurture young minds in her new role.
Maraliz Serrano – Lead Teacher, Young Toddler Classroom
Miss Maraliz has been a valued member of the White House team since 2020. Having earned her CDA from RACC in 2022, her goal is to impart as much knowledge as she can to her students, ensuring they feel safe and secure.
Daneiris Gonzalez – Assistant, Toddler Classroom
Miss Daneiris has been a valuable member of the White House team since 2019. She has a deep passion for working with children and has 2 years of ece coursework experience, and will be finishing her cda in the fall.
Rosley Carpio – Older Toddler Educator
Bringing eight years of daycare experience, Rosley joined us last August. Since then, her expertise in the older toddler classroom has been invaluable. Her dedication and love for her role is evident daily, affirming her integral place in our team.
Lizalda Guzman – School Age Educator
Miss Lizalda’s affinity for young ones guided her into childcare. With years of experience, her versatile skills shine, though she now predominantly works with school-age children. Her nurturing spirit aligns seamlessly with our core values.
Mariuxi Sandoval – Teacher, Preschool Classroom
Miss Mariuxi has a bachelor’s degree in ECE and is a teacher at the White House who has nurtured young minds since October 2022. She deeply values the chance to impact children’s education positively and feels grateful for every day she spends in the classroom.
Keren Guerrero – Older Toddler Educator
At 23, Keren has already devoted 4 years to nurturing young minds. Her bachelor’s degree in child pedagogy reflects her dedication. Although relatively new to The White House Day Care, her passion is evident in the older toddler classroom she supervises. Her zeal for a nurturing environment resonates deeply, suggesting a long future here.
The White House Day Care Inc.
Our Philosophy

Our Approach to Early Childhood Education

We believe that every child deserves to experience a joyful childhood filled with learning and discovery. Our focus is on developing each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills in a setting that is both stimulating and comforting. From our diverse and committed staff to our research-based curriculum, every aspect of the White House Day Care Center is designed to provide an environment where children can truly thrive.

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